Tips and Tricks - Shared Space

The human brain is not able to multi-task. Instead it switches from one thing to another losing time and concentration. That means that shared office space or working from home can be disastrous if you need to focus. Noise cancelling headphones go someway to helping but then you lose the white noise that is normal for a healthy ear plus they're not cheap. It is normal now to work with bussle around us, how do we make that work?

Word UP

1. Process which tasks require no distraction - plan for those.

2. Respect client/customer confidentiality and don't ever be the person that hangs up and lets other workers sharing the space hear your complaints.

3. Say when you need to concentrate, it is a normal requirement for humans.

4. If you need a booth or headphones to shut out the world, come back out afterwards or it can be like working in a hole and that's never good.

5. Notice when others need space to concentrate too, chatting is important to build relationships but it has a time and place. We do not need to react every time someone comes into our field of vision, allow others their space.


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